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1 Full Day Syracuse Yacht Tour

Full Day Syracuse Yacht Tour - From 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Syracuse was once the largest city in the ancient world, greater even than Athens. Today it’s a captivating blend of Greek ruins, baroque piazzas and charming medieval lanes.

Nearby Augusta boasts stunning bays and plunging cliffs, while treasures in the Protected Marine Area of Plemmirio include archaeological finds such us amphorae, evidence of ancient Greek sailors. Altogether, the area offers the perfect blend of history and total relaxation.

Augusta’s bays with its cliffs will be the perfect place to spend a day between history and absolute relax.

Our skipper will take you to:
Brucoli Bay
The wonders of the Saracen Coast
Secluded Baia Liscia in Augusta
Ortygia’s charming bay,in Syracuse
The Protected Marine Area of Plemmirio

Departing Port: Marina Yachting in Syracuse

Yacht Type: Cranchi Z35 – Senophane – 2024

Senophane is a motoryacht of 11,70 meters and it was built in 2024.

With a completely open cockpit, is the perfect example of how a sporty day cruiser can be elegant and at the same time provides plenty of space for comfort. Cranchi Z35 is known for its stylish design, performance and high-quality craftsmanship.

The cockpit includes a C-shaped, sofa towards the stern that can be used for seating or as a sun deck. The kitchen and the operator’s platform, equipped with a spacious surface to house the electronic equipment, are located starboard, opposite the seating area.

Below deck there are two cabins: the owner’s cabin is at bow and the guest cabin is at stern.

The square deck is in the centre, with the kitchen and seating area, that can be converted into a double bed. The bathroom is also equipped with a shower.

Senophane can host up to 10 guests and it is the utmost for a day excursion.

Included services: fuel, skipper and hostess, welcome drink, soft drinks, seasonal fruit, beach towels.

1 1 way - VIP Transfer from Noto to Syracuse Marina Yachting

VIP transfer for a total of 7 pax

1 1 way - VIP Transfer from Syracuse Marina Yachting to Noto

VIP transfer for a total of 7 pax

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Total €5,360.00

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