Acitrezza Yacht Tour

In Homer’s Odyssey, Cyclops Polyphemus raged against Ulysses, throwing giant rocks at him which then formed the huge stacks you see off Sicily’s stunning east coast, north of Catania.

This picturesque stretch of beaches and rocky islets, named “The Cyclops Riviera”, blends a grey-black lava landscape with lush vegetation and charming seaside villages, in particular, Acitrezza.

Embark on a private yacht charter to discover the region’s highlights, including the nature reserve, Timpa di Acireale and Aci Castello’s black lava-stone fortress. 

On board we’ll serve fresh drinks and fruit.

Tour stages:

  • The ancient Tower of Santa Tecla
  • The Nature reserve of Timpa di Acireale
  • The harm of the Bay of Capomulini
  • The mythological island of Lachea (Protected Marine Area)
  • The sea stacks of Aci Trezza sung by Homer in the Odyssey.
  • The imposing bastion of Aci Castello.
*tour stages are recommended and not mandatory

Half Day Tour 

Departure from Taormina/GiardiniNaxos* at 10:00 am

Return to Taormina/GiardiniNaxos* at 2:00pm

Departure from Taormina/GiardiniNaxos* at 2:00 pm

Return to Taormina/GiardiniNaxos* at 6:00 pm

Included services: fuel, skipper and hostess, welcome drink, soft drinks, seasonal fruit, beach towels.

*Embark /Disembark from different location on request

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