Aeolian Day (Lipari-Vulcano)

Lipari e Vulcano Yacht Tour

Lipari, the largest and most populated of the Aeolian Islands, boasts picturesque streets, a charming harbor, and a historic castle-citadel. 

Lipari is renowned for its rare and valuable resource: black volcanic obsidian, historically used for making knives and sharp implements. The natural harbor of Lipari town is marked by a prominent rock outcrop, making it an ideal location for early settlers to establish homes and fortifications. Visitors can now explore the town’s citadel and view excavations that uncover multiple layers of history.

Vulcano, the closest island to Sicily’s mainland, displays the remnants of its last eruption in 1890, shaping its rocky coastline into a lunar-like landscape with black beaches. 

The island boasts several hot springs and bubbling mud pools, ideal for a therapeutic mud bath.

Today, Vulcano is a haven of wilderness with its clear waters, black sands, and mud where fumaroles spew sulfur dioxide, making it a center for health and beauty. 

Tour Stages:

  • The black beaches of Gelso
  • The Horse Cave
  • Pools of Venus
  • The cove Mastro Minico
  • West Bayand Cala Formaggico
  • The pumice quarries
  • The arc of Pietralunga
  • The black sands of the bay of Vallemura
  • Cala Fico
  • The Canneto
*tour stages are recommended and not mandatory

Full Day Tour

Departure from Messina (Marina del Nettuno)* at 10:00 am

Return to Messina (Marina del Nettuno)* at 6:00pm

Included services: fuel, skipper and hostess, welcome drink, soft drinks, seasonal fruit, beach towels.

*Embark /Disembark from different location on request.

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